Organization: Governance, Staff and Tax Status

The Chatham Historical Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Gifts to the society are deductible as provided in federal income tax regulations and as provided in the laws and regulations of some states.

The Chatham Historical Society, a membership corporation under Massachusetts laws, was incorporated in 1926. It is governed by an Executive Board of four officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer), an Executive Director, and a maximum of 16 trustees in addition to the Officers.  Officers are elected annually by the membership, except the Chair who is appointed annually by the Executive Board. Trustees serve four-year terms on a rotating basis. This board is responsible for the financial stability of the society, for setting general policy and for appointing Honorary Trustees.

Under the Chair, the Executive Director is responsible for implementing the policies set by the Executive Board and for conducting the day-to-day business of the society and of its Atwood Museum.

Board Members

Virginia T. Nickerson

Vice Chair
Steven Nickerson

Linda A. Cebula

Elizabeth Schiller


Dawn Boynton – Profile
Stephen J. Burlingame
Amanda Davis – Profile
Stuart Green – Profile
Nick Harris
Jamie Selldorff – Profile
Angie B. Simonds
Craig S. Vokey – Profile
Michael Woehler – Profile


Executive Director

Danielle R. Jeanloz

Assistant Director

Kevin D. Wright

Caroline Imparato


Buildings & Grounds Chair

Don St. Pierre

Costumes & Textiles Chair
Janet Marjollet

Museum Shop Manager
Gaylene Heppe

Book Store Buyers

Florence Seldin – Adult

Technology Chair

Robert Ralls

Charts Curator
Bill Horrocks

Lecture Chair

Don Broderick

Recording Secretary

Margaret Martin

Honorary Trustees

Rob Bergh
Richard W. Costello
Stephen S. Daniel
Donna Drown
Mary Ann Eldred
Spencer Y. Grey
William G. Litchfield
Janet Marjollet
Barbara Matteson
Stephania McClennen
Walter J. Meier
Joshua A. Nickerson, Jr.
Winifred Portenoy
Christopher L. Rhinesmith
Bonnie Rosenthal
John L. Whelan
Sarah G. Wilsterman