Frequently Asked Questions


Is your Museum open year around?

Yes!  While our exhibits are only open for private tours (if you'd like to schedule a private tour, give us a call) and for special events during winter/spring months, January - April, we offer lectures, programs, and research year around.  Our administration offices are also open year around.

Is you Museum handicapped accessible?

Yes, most of the Museum is handicapped accessible and we are happy to assist groups with limited mobility.  The Old Atwood House and Nickerson North Beach Camp are not fully handicapped accessible, but the other 10 galleries and the gift shop are.  We also offer seating throughout the Museum to allow options for resting and enjoyment.

What if I want to donate items?

There is a process.  We are delighted to accept items if they can fit into our collection. For details see click here.

How do I volunteer?

The best way is to send an email to our Assistant Director, Kevin Wright, providing your contact information, when you would be available, how much time you have to offer, if you have specific interests, and any experience that you wish to provide.  Depending on the time of the year, there are many different types of volunteer jobs at the Museum.  No previous experience is required.  To give you ideas of what some of our volunteers are doing, we have listed some opportunities in this page.

What if I can't visit the Museum during normal hours?

If you arrange for a group of 10 or more in advance, we will do all possible to accommodate you.

What are your group rates?

They vary on the number of people, time of year, and needs of the groups.  Sometimes, there is a savings for 10 or more and other times we need to charge more than regular admission to provide coverage and accommodate special requests.

When do I renew my membership?

Anytime!  While memberships expire at the end of each calendar year, you may renew for a future year(s) at any time.  If you are not sure whether or not your membership is current, check your most recent membership card or you may check at the front desks where we keep a list of current members.

Is there public transportation to your Museum?

Unfortunately, there is not.  We are located about 3/4 mile south of the downtown Chatham rotary at 347 Stage Harbor Road.  You can get to our Museum by car, bicycle, cab or by walking from downtown.

Do you handle school groups?

Yes!  We thoroughly enjoy all types of groups including schools, clubs, senior citizen homes, bus tours, and more.  Our volunteer docents are available year around to accommodate special groups.  We have handled groups of 10 - 180 at any one time.

Do you rent your space?

Yes, you may rent our space for special events.  For more information click here.